Nuad Thai
Traditional Thai Massage

In Thailand it is also called “ancient healing touch”.

With stretching movements, pressure point massages and joint mobilisations, muscular tensions are released and mobility is significantly improved.

Nuad Thai

The Traditional Thai Massage has a long history. It originally comes from faraway India and was already practiced there more than 2500 years ago. The origins and methods of classical Thai Massage are based on the Ayurveda teachings and ancient yoga techniques. The aim is to reduce tension and bring mind and body into harmony. Put yourself in the hands of our experienced masseuses and enjoy the relaxing effect of a professional Nuad Thai Massage. There is hardly a more beautiful and pleasant way to leave the stressful everyday life behind you.

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During the massage, your energy lines and important acupressure points are specifically treated. This releases existing tensions and blockages. In addition, it also stimulates the metabolism and the entire circulation. Calm movements alternate with powerful and rhythmic ones. It is not massaged with oil to prevent the hands from slipping. It is important to maintain a relaxed and meditative atmosphere during the treatment to guarantee a positive energy flow. In our stylishly furnished massage studio in the heart of Berlin you will certainly be able to switch off and relax for a few hours.

Nuad Thai is dedicated to the entire body. Our well-trained masseuses use hands, elbows and knees during the treatment to relax and stretch your body holistically. You will be placed in different positions again and again to allow for a comprehensive treatment. Legs and arms are pulled, stretched and crossed behind the back. Tension and relaxation are in constant interplay during the classical Thai massage. Gentle stretching exercises follow very energetic and harmonious movements.

During Nuad Thai, as little as possible is spoken – the focus is on the body, conscious breathing and pleasant, flowing movements. It is important that you really let yourself go completely, so that your Thai massage achieves its full effect and contributes to your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.


Nuad Thai

Price list

Treatment durationTreatment costs
60 min55 €
90 min82 €
120 min105 €


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