Herbal Compress

Herbal Compress
Herbal stamp massage

A special Thai tapping technique with heated Herbal Balls.

Hot herbal compresses warmed in steam, filled with a special Thai herbal mixture, are pressed onto the skin along important energy lines or at energy points.

Herbal Compress

The herbal stamp massage is a very old and traditional Far Eastern massage technique and healing method. It plays a very special role within the classical Nuad Thai massage. Small cotton bags filled with herbs and aromas are used for the massage. These herbal stamps, in Thai “Luk Prakob”, vary in size depending on the type of herbal stamp massage. They can be filled with different mixtures of herbs, fruits and aromas, which determine the effect of the massage. In our stylish massage studio, you can enjoy a stimulating, calming or relaxing herbal stamp massage as you wish.

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Before the herbal stamp massage begins, you will be rubbed with oil by our professional masseuses. The herbal stamps heated in steam have a temperature of around 60 degrees at the beginning of the massage. Accordingly, the massage begins with gentle and rhythmic pats and strokes. All movements and grips go in the direction of the heart. During the massage the herbal stamps cool down and the treatment becomes more intensive – the pressure increases.

The herbal stamp massage involves the entire body. And depending on the body part and region, the masseuses alternate between patting, pressing, tapping and circular, flowing movements. The herbal stamp massage is an excellent way to take a break from everyday routine. Stress, muscle tension and joint problems can be specifically treated with the appropriate herbal mixtures.

The fragrant scents provide relaxation and recuperation and have an extremely meditative effect. If desired, they can also be very stimulating and stimulating. The herbal stamps have additional positive effects on your nervous system and respiratory tract. The holistic approach of the herbal stamp massage brings body, mind and soul into harmony and ensures an exceptionally good and energetic overall feeling.


Herbal Compress

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Treatment durationTreatment costs
60 min65 €
90 min90 €
120 min120 €


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