Nuad Tao

Nuad Tao
Foot reflexology massage

A traditional Thai massage technique, which is applied through intensive acupressure treatment of the foot reflex zones to stimulate the internal organs.

This has a beneficial effect on the blood and lymph flow in the whole body system.

Nuad Tao

The foot reflexology massage is a very old and popular massage technique. Already the Indians had recognized the advantages of this treatment method. And also in large parts of Asia the foot reflex zone massage is widespread. It is assumed that the nerve paths of all physical organs converge in the feet. By massaging specific areas of the foot, self-healing is initiated and supported. Numerous complaints such as headaches and backaches, menstrual and digestive problems as well as allergies and circulatory disorders can be treated in this way.

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Pain caused by the acupressure of certain areas indicates damage to the respective organ. Thus the foot reflex zone massage also has an extremely preventive character. At the beginning of the massage, our experienced masseuses first inform themselves about the external condition of your feet. Skin redness, pressure points or swellings must be taken into account accordingly during the treatment. It depends on whether the foot reflex zone massage is to be a stimulating or rather a calming form of massage.

Foot reflex zone massage can be used to relieve tension in the feet, but also in other regions of the body. The treatment involves the entire organism. The circulation and the immune system are strengthened. Professionally administered, a foot massage has a detoxifying effect and releases new energy. It provides an extremely harmonious and balanced body feeling.

Especially when you have literally been on your feet or rather on your feet all day, a foot reflexology massage works wonders. Entrust yourself to the expert and experienced hands of our masseuses. A foot massage is incredibly relaxing and, in addition to the effects described, it simply has a very beneficial local effect. So let your feet carry you to our massage studio in Berlin-Mitte and then we will take care of your stressed feet!


Nuad Tao

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